Services and Pricing

The below prices are for harp performances. Since it’s a specialized instrument and, quite frankly, much more of a pain in the posterior to travel with, maintain and keep in tune than a guitar, I’m much more firm on pricing.

For “folksinger” gigs, with voice and guitar I can offer much more flexibility. I also have experience with performing sacred or classical music to a piano, pipe organ or pre-recorded backing track. I have some formal training in voice and experience learning songs from sheet music, so if you have an event that needs a cantor or some type of male voice (baritone to tenor 2 range), message me and we can discuss it.

A note about travel: I’m based in Royersford, PA,  and within the city and surrounding areas I won’t charge travel. Within driving distance I estimate .50 per mile of travel (or $1 a mile round trip, since I need to get home, so for example, Philadelphia would be around $60 worth of driving).  Performances that require overnight stays, flights, trains etc. can be negotiated as needed.


Wedding Ceremony: Includes instrumental music as guests are entering and being seated, processional music, in-ceremony music and a recessional. I have a selection of traditional Celtic tunes appropriate to each part of the service, but can adapt melodies of your choice to the harp as well. If you have a special song you’d like in your ceremony, but aren’t sure it’ll work well, just ask! I’ve played versions of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” the Muppets “Rainbow Connection” and the Star Wars theme for weddings before, among other traditional Irish and Scottish tunes. I can also perform a vocal piece and accompany myself on harp or guitar as appropriate. 

Basic Wedding Ceremony: $400 

Vocal selection::+$50

Cocktail Hour: A variety of traditional instrumental music on the harp to entertain your guests and create a classy, relaxed vibe while they enjoy their hors’ d’oeuvres. 

$200 ($100 if booked as a package with the wedding ceremony)

“Pub Party” Wedding Reception: If you’re a lover of traditional Irish music and would like to keep the theme going through your special night, I’ve also spent many years playing guitar and singing classic Irish and Scottish ballads and can provide an evening of Celtic and Americana songs about love and drinking. I can play solo if you like, but have a number of collaborators that I work with to provide flute, fiddle, percussion and female vocals in addition to my own. We can build a band to suit your budget! And yes, I can play some pre-recorded music for those special dances or to appease that one aunt of yours who won’t be happy till she does the Electric Slide.
Four hours starting at $800 

Memorial Services

Calming harp music for you and your guests as they gather to honor your loved one, starting 15-30 minutes before the order of service formally begins, plus any music or special songs you and your funeral planner might feel appropriate during the service. 

Starting at $200

Art Openings

Instrumental music for gallery openings and special events

2 hours for $150

Corporate Functions

Cocktail hours, receptions, background music for dinner or your lobby

Starting a $100/hr

Recording Studio Work

Chorded accompaniment on the harp can add a bit of extra sparkle to your tracks, and I can provide melody breaks or solos or well for a really unique sound. I can also add any number of percussion instruments or backing vocals. 

$75/hr  for most projects.